Hearing from our satisfied clients after they have visited our clinic is always a special pleasure and we would like to share some of the feedback we’ve received below:

Carol Anne is an experienced, highly knowledgeable and skilled practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As such, she applies a holistic and harmonious approach to each individual’s needs, engaging in restoring balance by using acupuncture, herbal remedies, and other forms of this healing practice. By searching out the source and not only treating the symptom, this becomes a truly transformative experience.She is mindfully attentive to your specific needs, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well, and is kind, caring and respectful during treatment.She doesn’t give up, no matter how deeply seated the health issue and, on her own time, will study and explore alternative approaches to find what will best suit your needs.
I would absolutely recommend Carol Anne to anyone seeking to restore health and improved well being!!

– Marianna


Carol Anne was able to help give me effective pain relief for carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands and wrists with acupuncture. She is very reassuring! A session with her chi machine is awesome and leaves you feeling so relaxed. Carol Anne also was able to help balance my systems with herbs. Her knowledge of a holistic approach to health care and treatment is extensive and exciting! It is so interesting that so many seemingly unrelated “symptoms” can have a common, treatable source. She gave me knowledge of myself and my body that is very affirming, hopeful and helpful.

– Carolyn


Thank you Carol Anne for giving me back my life, because that is what you did.
Early March 2017 I got out of bed but when I stood up something was drastically wrong. I knew I was standing, but I could not feel that I was standing. I had no feeling in my feet, left leg and part of right leg. The doctor at the ER examined me, assumed I had a pinched nerve and suggested I go for physio. I went to physio for two months and I tried all the different exercises they suggested. During this time I also saw my doctor who ran tests (blood work, x-rays, CT, MRI), tried me on medications. It wasn’t making any difference and the tests were not showing any signs of a pinched nerve. I lived with this for a year seeing every specialist my doctor could think to send me to. I wore compression stockings and started using a cane as I had fallen numerous times. I spoke with Carol Anne, who was quick to set up a time to meet and very accommodating with my work schedule.

I felt like I was at the end of the line of things to try. My disappointment I am sure was pretty apparent as she tried the acupuncture and nothing changed. However, during our sessions Carol Ann asked me all kinds of questions about my lifestyle, my medical history, what I did for physical activity. She asked about any health issues from the time I was a child, surgeries, pregnancies, foods I eat, medications, and any other symptoms I was experiencing. She was building a picture of me as a whole person. She was looking at me not just the numbness. In talking I mentioned I had an IUD. She stopped dead in her tracks and said I needed to get that out as it may very likely be the root of my problem. She found research backing her concerns that the Mirena IUD can migrate and adhere to tissue, especially if not checked. The description fit me perfectly. I made an appointment with my doctor, explained my concern and asked to have it removed immediately. He couldn’t find it. I made an appointment with the gynecologist and again explained my concern. She couldn’t find it. She also felt that it wouldn’t be the cause of the numbness, but was willing to remove it. After an ultrasound spotted a piece of it I was scheduled for surgery.

As Carol Anne suspected the IUD was not where it was supposed to be. The surgeon was unable to get a clear view, and after much difficulty – finally it did come out – bent and twisted. Three weeks to the day of having it removed I started to feel some changes. Six weeks following the surgery I went for a check up, the gynecologist was shocked to see me walk in without a cane and only walking with a slight limp. She apologized for doubting Chinese Medicine and the research article supporting Carol Anne. While the acupuncture didn’t make a difference because of the IUD, Carol Anne did because she looked at my body as a whole, not just parts. She gave me back my life and I can never thank her enough.

– Glenna

I had the pleasure of getting acupuncture from Carol Anne Landry about a year ago. It was an awesome experience, very helpful. After my first visit I already felt much better. I went initially to stop smoking and ended up feeling so much better physically as well as mentally. I wanted to continue and looked forward to my treatment days. I definitely recommend Carol Anne’s skilled hands to anyone wanting to feel better.

– Genny


I met Carol Anne in Chinese Medicine school. We studied and learned together for 3 years. We shared our love and passion for this medicine. We shared our compassion and care for our clinic patients, our fellow students, and each other. I wholeheartedly recommend Carol Ann and would trust my health and well being to her care.

– Colleen


“Carol Anne is one of the most proficient TCM practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of coming across as a colleague and as a patient. She has incredible skill and knowledge and excellent patient rapport.”

– Kathy


A couple of years ago I developed a sharp pain in my back/shoulder/arm and I was in absolute agony. I went to Emergency twice, my family doctor once, two massages and a cupping treatment and NOTHING worked. I was told that I had a pinched nerve and was given pain killers and muscle relaxers, After several days of this not working, a friend suggest trying acupuncture and gave me Carole Anne’s name. After describing my situation to Carol Anne, she immediately made a space for me in her schedule and had me come in for a consultation. She examined me for a few minutes and began my treatment. I would say within 15 minutes, I literally felt the pain going away. I COULD NOT believe it. I had never had acupuncture before and didn’t have high hopes – but at that moment, it was like magic. By the end of about 60 mins, the pain was gone! Carol Anne let me know that it would most likely come back, but that with several treatments she felt that she could resolve the issue. It did come back, quite quickly and Carol Anne booked me in a couple of days later for a second treatment. This time I got several days of relief. Within a week I had my third treatment and I haven’t had any issues since. I have 100% faith in her abilities and I would highly recommend her! She’s GREAT!

– Toby

“The first time I went to see Carol Anne my symptoms were chronic sinus infections. Carol Anne quickly knew exactly the course of treatment using both herbs and acupuncture. For the first time in 15 years I have been completely clear of sinus pain. It has been six months and no symptoms have returned! I trust Carol Anne and feel confident in her care and treatments. Her office is calming, relaxing and welcoming. I have recommended her to several family and friends who are equally as pleased and satisfied. I feel very fortunate to have Carol Anne in Antigonish!

– Lindsay

“I attended Dr Landry`s clinic and she was very inviting, comforting, relaxing, interested and extensively discussed my problem and treatment. She spent time discussing the body system and how it functions. Dr Landry made me feel very confident about the treatment. I am going to go on a maintenance treatment in the future now that I feel cured. The treatment helped me feel more relaxed and brighter, I do not hesitate to recommend Dr Landry.”

– Velma

“I have been seeing Carol Anne for a number of years. She has been very supportive of me through various health issues and concerns. Through both acupuncture and Chinese herbs she has treated me for sinus issues, bronchitis and menopausal issues including hot flashes and mental fog. Carole Anne has helped me achieve great improvements in these health concerns. As a bonus, she is very so kind and a very positive and happy person. It is a pleasure to see her and I look forward to treatment days. I highly recommend that you consider her for treatment of any health concerns that you are experiencing.”

– Linda

“When I was pregnant with my second baby I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), which is extreme morning sickness. After being hospitalized 2 times with dehydration and was put on every pharmaceutical nausea drug, nothing was working and I was getting scared for my baby with all those drugs. I finally did lots of research and saw that Acupuncture was my final resort, which should have been my first resort, after one sessions with Carol Ann I could at least cope with life normally again. After my second session and some Chinese herbs, my nausea no longer bothered me. Thank god I found her.”

– Becky

“I was having almost daily headaches for a number of months when a friend suggested I try acupuncture. I really was not convinced it would help but decided to give it a try. After only two sessions I was pleasantly surprised to feel better, and not waking up everyday with the dread of my headache. I continued with sessions for several months and now rarely suffer a headache. After getting treatments from Caorl Anne I ended up being a believer.”

– Roy

“I have been in treatment with Carol Anne at her practice in Antigonish since 2014. It was recommended through a friend to make an appointment with her as I was suffering from the discomfort of menopause, hot flashes and night sweats. I was very interested in the Chinese medicine vs mainstream medicine route. Along with acupuncture treatments and the use of herbal medicine I began feeling relief of my symptoms. It is truly amazing at how great I feel. Carol Anne is a very knowledgeable, professional, kind and caring person whom I will continue to visit. I have recommended her to many people and will continue do so. Thank you Carol Anne.”

– Anne Marie

“I struggled with acne, particularly cystic acne for over 15 years. I went to doctors and dermatologists for many years. I was put on many different medications, both oral and topical. Some worked temporarily but nothing worked long term. After Carol Anne prescribed Chinese Herbs the acne started to clear up with a week! I wished I had found her sooner so I could have avoided all those harsh medications and time consuming doctor visits. My skin has never been better.”

– Kelly


I was dealing with chronic illness and hospitalizations with no relief in sight. I became completely hopeless that main stream medicine could help me so I saw Carol Anne Landry at Antigonish Acupuncture. Her knowledge of Chinese Medicine, and particularly her diagnoses and treatment with Chinese herbs in my case, was the only thing that helped my illness. I became hopeful and healthier. Her gentle ways, kindness, empathy and compassion truly make her an authentic healer.

– Jessie

Qi Gong Testimonials

Being that Qi Gong is a major part of Chinese Medicine Carol Anne has been devoted to teaching now for 10 year in the Antigonish Area. Here is what some of her clients are saying:

Having tried other forms of Eastern practices I have found Sheng Zhen Qi Gong to be the most compatible. It emphasizes the open heart, the spirit of unconditional Love, the real essence of returning to our true self. The physical, emotional and spiritual combined as they should be..And Carol Anne is an excellant teacher of this unique form and practice. She is compassionate in her outlook, patient in manner, and uses humor and gentleness as a way of presenting the physical form, and a relaxed calming manner during the meditations. One can sense from Carol Anne that qi gong is more than just a practice, but a way of life, a source of healing that she is conveying to her students. A powerful message indeed!!

–  Marianna


I enjoyed Carol Anne’s Qi Gong class so much! She taught us to relax thoroughly and how to improve energy flow as well as showing the Qi gong forms. It is great to be able to continue to practice Qi Gong at home, thanks to the solid foundation given by Carol Anne’s excellent instruction. Carol Anne has such enthusiasm for helping people and showing us how to continue to help ourselves!

–  Carolyn


As a new student, I appreciate the depth of study and practice Carol Anne brings to her teaching. Demonstration & description of each move as well as the meaning and benefits helped me get a real sense of Qigong ‘s value. Her knowledge and respect for the teaching are evident and her acceptance of adult beginners less than perfect form are beautifully balanced and much appreciated. I’m having fun, feel relaxed and “present”after class and see this as a practice to continue daily. Looking forward to continued learning! Much appreciated.

– Clare


Carol Anne Landry is a wonderful teacher of Qi Gong. I have taken several of her Qi Gong programs and have always found her to be very knowledgeable and patient. She is careful to make sure everyone moves in the most efficacious manner so we get the most out of the movement and avoid injury. She is very good at explaining the spiritual and emotional side of Qi Gong which makes the movements even richer. Whether the program is a full day workshop or a one hour class she makes excellent use of the time and remains fully engaged with her students.

– Anne